Helping You Figure Out What to Say and How to Say It

I am a mash-up of two-plus decades of diverse experience and passion, focused on using my strengths and perspectives to build and strengthen organizations and individuals. My super power is empathy — understanding and relating to audiences who are most meaningful to our organizations (and individual missions). That super power has guided my course as I’ve helped companies strategize to grow their businesses, develop leaders, launch new products, and build and strengthen brands. Empathy combined with a communications, marketing, and journalistic background means telling great stories — of people, brands, experiences, or missions — is integral to how I work — bringing a relatable, human voice to business (simplifying the complex).

When we can articulate who we are, we can connect with the people important to us. And, if we do it well, we can connect with those people (your stakeholders!) in personal and meaningful ways, ultimately meeting and exceeding individual and organizational goals of all kinds.

Expertise includes:

  • Messaging

  • Communications strategy

  • Branding strategy, positioning, and clarity

  • Media/Interview training

  • Writing (including freelance editorial opportunities)

Expertise for individuals (think personal branding/resumes/sole proprietorships) and organizations (non-profit and for-profit of all sizes).

Please contact Dawn for project quotes and availability.


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