Inspiring Health. Inspiring Hope.          And Truly Living.

Dawn Bryant (Tire)
People Magazine Profile, August 2013

People Magazine Profile, August 2013

When I chose to take control of my health...when I was depleted from giving every ounce of myself away and leaving nothing inside for anything for decades...when I was exhausted at every possible level...when my view of myself was so blurred that I felt weak and powerless...when, somehow, I realized those were all things I could control in an uncontrollable world...when a few dear friends believed in me more than I could even believe in myself...I changed. 

I didn't change because I became a different person. I changed because I became stronger from the inside-out. 

I made time for ME. I took my health back. I lost 140 pounds. I built enough strength to safely pull twice my body weight from the ground. I transformed my love for cooking into a passion for creating deliciously healthy food. I realized I could could run six miles without stopping. I discovered a stress outlet. I found untapped energy. I became more confident. I found a propeller to push me through hardships, in a healthier way than I'd dealt with tragedy in the past. I powered through three tumultuous spinal surgeries in a 14-month span. I amplified a voice inside of myself that I'd muffled for years. And I was blessed with incredible and life-changing platforms to share my story.

I discovered a purpose that helped others, while helping myself...a way of living that helped me live my best life, while helping others find and live their best lives, too. 

Taking care of myself, I learned, was not selfish. Quite the opposite, it equipped me to be generous with the things that matter most in life -- the tangible and intangible perspectives that help others discover the strength they already embody, the stuff that they might not realize is even there.

And then the spiral of inspiring health and hope becomes the best of ways. Expanding that unending spiral of hope and strength: THAT is my purpose and my mission. 

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